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Shift Perspectives and Take Action Toward What’s Next

1:1 Leadership Coaching for Women

For the woman ready to unearth her fullest potential and (re) discover who she is meant to be.

Leadership coaching can uncover your truest vision and goals through the power of holding space for perspective and celebration. Together we’ll create a roadmap that fits in with your life and navigate the obstacles that get in the way. 

Perfect for executives and aspiring leaders in search of a specific goal or career change as well as moms and people of color who are seeking broader fulfillment in life and career. 

You deserve to live life fully, with clarity, purpose, and excitement.

Invest in a life that is fully yours.

Leadership Coaching Packages Include:

  • Three or six-month one-to-one coaching to unearth your path forward.
  • Bi-monthly, 60-minute coaching calls to stay on track and accountable.
  • Unlimited access to me between calls via text or email.
  • Action items and implementation assignments.
  • All calls can be recorded for future reference and placed in your personal GDrive.

The 3-Phase Leadership Framework


Design & Clarify Goals


Leadership Coaching


Space for Future Growth

I will create a safe environment and ask powerful questions that allow you to broaden perspectives and clarify the goals you want to achieve throughout the coaching container.

It’s time to make it happen. We’ll unearth your unique talents, ideas, values, and beliefs to deepen awareness, cultivate leadership skills, and connect with the woman inside and who you want to become.

The goal is for you to emerge from leadership coaching with a renewed sense of clarity, purpose, and leadership. You’ll develop a toolkit for future growth potential to continue to achieve greater impact, effectiveness, and overall fulfillment.

Social Impact Consulting 

For the non-profit organization that needs support in building trusting relationships with stakeholders and community members. 

Utilizing my extensive background working as a leader in advocacy and community engagement, I can help your organization identify, develop, and build the trusting relationships your project needs to grow and succeed.

Receive expert guidance on community, political strategy, and stakeholder engagement strategies. Increase your impact with assistance in identifying, evaluating, and engaging with key figures in other sectors and local governments to kickstart, strengthen and stabilize your project.

I will assist you in executing the process and leave you with a strategic approach to carry out your vision and mission.

Nikki brought invaluable strategy and critical thinking skills

“Nikki helped us add strategic capacity and skill… She pushed in when she saw a need and operated at many different levels – strategist, advisor/coach, synthesizer, and executor – based on the quickly evolving realities of the project.

On the skill side, Nikki brought invaluable strategy and critical thinking skills that helped us more intentionally deploy our resources against a prioritized set of goals… She also brought important insights on how to partner with and co-design approaches alongside parents and community members in the effort. It pushed us to see and address some of our blind spots and set us up to be way more successful in both grassroots and grasstops organizing.” 

Lindsey L. | VP of Policy & Growth, The Primary School

Nikki is a deeply valued and trusted counselor and colleague

“Nikki has been an invaluable member of our extended team at OneTen. As such, she has spearheaded new site development, served as an account manager for employers, recruited new colleagues, and helped OneTen to build trust in our communities.

She listens with care, effectively synthesizes and elevates the perspectives of our stakeholders, and is an excellent thought partner. Nikki’s combination of empathy and sound judgment enable her to serve as a deeply valued and trusted counselor and colleague!”

April C. | Chief Strategic Growth Officer, OneTen

Nikki has transformed the way I look at success

“[Nikki’s] coaching has helped me celebrate the small wins as well as the big ones, and reflect on challenges as opportunities which has transformed the way I look at success and failure.

The intentional time carved out to outline my goals, both on a professional and personal level has been a great way to keep anchored in achieving small goals leading up to the big long-term goals”

Pauline | PICO CA

Frequently Asked Questions

Who do you typically work with?

I predominantly work with anyone that identifies as a woman in leadership with a particular focus on moms and leaders who identify as people of color. The people who receive the most benefit from my leadership coaching are highly reflective and have the desire to change.

They know they need to do the work and are looking for a coach who can support and encourage them to unearth the path forward and achieve their goals. They come to me with a specific goal or are in search of a broader career and life fulfillment. 

Is this right for me?

Leadership coaching is great for two scenarios. Firstly, if you’ve been feeling stuck and unfulfilled, or on the verge of burnout it can help to get back in alignment with your true self. Secondly, if everything is going as planned, you can use this momentum to propel forward and create even more impact. 

In both cases, I’ll provide the mirror for you to carry through and get to the next state. You deserve to feel worthy, excited, and happy and have the support and encouragement to move forward and be YOU.

What’s your style?

You have to be willing to put in the work. While I can provide a safe and encouraging space, it’s only you who can shift your mindset and perspectives.

There will still be tough days but together we will create a roadmap for you to overcome them and move forward with more clarity and confidence. During our time together, I will ask you powerful questions and hold you accountable to achieve your vision and goals.

I don’t identify as BIPOC or female, is your coaching for me?

Absolutely! C3 Impact is a space where everyone is affirmed and celebrated, regardless of their gender identity, sexuality, race, age, religion, or abilities. I would love to be the mirror for you to deepen fulfillment in your career and life.