Supporting Growth and Implementation of Goals

Your passions, goals and future vision lives within you, but I know what it feels like to…


Be so busy living day-to-day that you lack time to clarify what you truly want.

Let your specific goals carry over year after year.


Navigate complicated work dynamics while staying true to your authentic self.

I know this because I’ve been there too. 

After powerful personal breakthroughs in coaching, it’s my turn to pay it forward.

I’m here to provide the mirror for you to unveil clarity on where you want to go and lovingly, but firmly hold you accountable and ensure you carry through.


Hi, I’m Nikki

It’s always been my calling to end up in Leadership Coaching but the truth is, I followed a winding path to get here.

Having taken the first step during my time at Stanford’s Graduate School of Business through the Arbuckle Leadership Fellows program, I continued informally to coach and mentor, but I didn’t think it could be my career.

My deep commitment to creating a more just and equitable society compelled me to leave wall street and pursue various leadership roles at a national K-12 charter school organization after business school. Creating opportunities for youth to receive a high-quality education was incredibly meaningful, but I was still left longing for something else. 

After reflecting on what brought me joy, I recognized one of the greatest gifts is to be the soundboard for others to clarify goals and encourage them with guidance and support. 

This is one small way I get to contribute to building a world in which all individuals feel seen and affirmed. When people have the confidence and tools to navigate their careers and lives and fulfill their dreams, we’re able to break down barriers and thrive. 

When working with me as your leadership coach, I help you explore growth channels by encouraging and empowering you to find deeper fulfillment so you can reach your highest potential.

How I Ended Up Here

The normalization of the hustle culture and fast-paced intense corporate culture caused me to lose myself and who I wanted to be. 

My overachiever mindset pushed me to the point of burnout. And as a mom to two kids under four, I wanted the presence and capacity to be my best self and knew that something needed to shift.

Enlisting my own coach, I’ve seen the power this space can uncover and was given the opportunity to rediscover who I was and reset my priorities. I removed the binary all-or-nothing constructs and started listening to the signs that indicated my true calling was doing the same for others.

C3 Impact is the channel that can shine the light for people like you (women, executives, BIPOC leaders, and moms) to step into your personal leadership roles with loving but pragmatic support.

The C3 Impact Leadership Framework



Design & Clarify Goals

I will create a safe environment and ask powerful questions that allow you to broaden perspectives and clarify the goals you want to achieve throughout our time together.


Leadership Coaching

It’s time to make it happen! We’ll unearth your unique talents, ideas, values, and beliefs to deepen awareness, cultivate leadership skills, and connect with the woman inside and who you want to become.


Space for Future Growth

The goal is for you to emerge from leadership coaching with a renewed sense of clarity, purpose, and leadership skills. You’ll develop a toolkit for future growth potential to continue to achieve greater impact, effectiveness, and overall life fulfillment.