Leadership Coaching for Women

Impactful Career or and a Fulfilling Life

Be Encouraged and Lovingly Supported

C3 Impact is a leadership coaching and consulting company that supports women in reaching their fullest potential in life and career.

Founded on the simple belief that purposeful connection, intentional collaboration, and the power of community can have a profound impact on your life and the world, I’m here to hold space for discovery and action.

Nikki Turner, Leadership Development for Women

Tune Into the Power of Perspective

It’s five years from now… 

    • You think back to when you were ready for more and the day you decided to invest in yourself and your future
    • The you of today thanks you for it
    • You created a plan and you forged the path forward
    • While not every day has been easy, you built the strategies and tactics to push past and come out stronger
    • You no longer feel stuck or in the constant grind 

You feel fulfilled in career and life

    And, I’m here to support you in making that life a reality.

    Between juggling career, life, and family commitments, you can often find yourself racing from one day to the next.

    Step back and reflect on where you’re going and what you’d like to achieve

    We believe in

    Purposeful Connection

    Intentional Collaboration

    Power of Community

    Open Space To (Re) discover The Truest YOU

    Leadership coaching allows the space for self-discovery, so you can thrive through the power of perspective, recognition, and accountability in reaching your goals.

    Embrace the opportunity to…

    • Broaden your perspective on who you’re ready to become
    • Develop clarity and refine the vision for your career and life
    • Unearth your goals, and the path forward
    • Refine your leadership skills and increase your impact (in whatever way you define impact)

    1:1 Leadership Coaching For Women

    Social Impact Consulting

    Hi, I’m Nikki


    The normalization of the hustle culture and fast-paced intense corporate culture caused me to lose myself and who I wanted to be. 

    As a Black woman and mom, I spent 15 years navigating the corporate and nonprofit leadership world. My overachiever mindset pushed me to the point of burnout where I instinctively held limiting beliefs and followed the status quo. 

    I realized I didn’t have the presence or mental capacity to be my highest and best self for my two young kids and knew something needed to change.

    By investing in my own coach I was able to rediscover who I was and reset my priorities.

    In 2021, I quit my job and followed my true life’s purpose of helping other women and leaders reach their highest potential. Having seen firsthand the power of creating a safe and nurturing space for self-awareness and discovery, it’s my mission to help you thrive.

    Leadership development coach, Nikki Turner

    Nikki is exceptional in every way.

    “Nikki is exceptional in every way. She brings a wealth of expertise to leadership development and coaching. She has worked in the private and nonprofit sectors with massive organizations and small startups.

    As a coach, Nikki shines a bright light on your strengths, making them even stronger, and skillfully helps you become more aware of your areas of growth. She then works alongside you to develop a personalized leadership plan. Nikki’s expertise, care, and dedication are unparalleled.”

    – Emily | Co-Founder, Lifelong Readers

    We are a better, more grounded, and more capable organization because of Nikki

    “We are a better, more grounded, and more capable organization because of Nikki.  She took the time to understand our values, our team, and our vision and worked as a partner to help us build our organization together.

    Nikki is a creative, strategic thinker, a skillful facilitator, and action-oriented – always executing at the highest level.  Whether working one-on-one with leadership or facilitating larger meetings, Nikki’s skills as a consultant and genuine care for people make our work together both productive and enjoyable.” 

    – Gibran | Co-Founder, Lifelong Readers

    Nikki helped me tap into my internal confidence

    “With her guidance, I was able to interrogate areas where I wasn’t able to tap into my full potential and work through them using mindfulness.

    The outcomes were that I showed up differently in my workspace as well as my personal life.

    This wholistic approach to coaching has been extremely beneficial for me.”

    – Pauline | PICO CA

    Nikki moves beyond the traditional coaching model

    “So often coaching and executive partnership is rooted in white supremacy work culture.

    One that compartmentalizes our sacred personhood and reduces us to productivity and society’s definition of “impact.” Nikki both models and challenges me to revisit my vision while exploring the nuances of my intersectional identity.

    Nikki moves beyond the traditional coaching model to one of courageous partnership.

    – Aida | Founder

    Decolonize Design and author of Kindred Design

    My time with Nikki has been invaluable

    “My time with Nikki has been invaluable. I gained clarity about, and momentum toward, where I want to be in the next chapter of my career in ways that feel true to my head and my heart. I have learned to reach out to ask for help from others. I would have been talking in my own head and not vocalizing what I wanted. I’ve learned it’s important to give yourself the time and invest in yourself, a little bit goes a long way and the time pays back with dividends.”

    – Allison | VP CHUBB

    Nikki created a safe space where I could bring my wonderings without judgement

    “I started working with Nikki when the feelings of burnout were real and impacting me and everyone around me. Nikki created a safe space where I could bring my wonderings without judgement and leave our time with actionable steps forward. She helped me find my voice, develop confidence in what I want to achieve, and showed me how to leverage gratitude in challenging situations. In working with Nikki, I was able to reinvest in myself and create the mindset needed to be both the professional and mom I know I can be.”

    – Heather | Larson Communications

    I love working with Nikki for her authenticity, optimism, and wisdom

    “I love working with Nikki for her authenticity, optimism, and wisdom. She sees the best in people and helps them to see the best in themselves. Our sessions helped me to gain the clarity and motivation I needed in navigating motherhood and my career.”

    – G.O

    Working with Nikki helped me build on my natural propensity for introspection

    “Working with Nikki helped me build on (and expand) my natural propensity for introspection while also moving me into action sooner than is natural for me. I appreciated how swiftly she adapted her approach to my own style, balancing support and challenge and helping me get unstuck in gnarly situations at work and in my personal life.”

    -Eduardo | Meta

    Coach Nikki creates a safe container for deep connections to take place!

    “Coach Nikki creates a safe container for deep connections to take place!  I felt seen, heard, and respected every step of the way.  The care that she exhibits is palpable; she supported me through my growth.  Never overbearing nor prescriptive, Coach Nikki exudes professionalism coupled with compassion.  I’m looking forward to securing a permanent spot on her calendar to extend our work together!  Thank you so much.”

    -Jacqueline | FORMER VP of DEI 

    My personal therapy supports helped me reconcile the past; Nikki's executive coaching did the same for my future

    “My personal therapy supports helped me reconcile the past; Nikki’s executive coaching did the same for my future. For those seeking clarity on how to apply themselves to make their professional journey a meaningful one, Nikki can be incredibly insightful.”